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The 600D System offers a full noise cancelling Digital race radio system at an affordable price. What makes the Race 600D stand out is the included Digital DSP3 noise cancelling integrated into the system. This is essential for correct operation of Digital radio in a Motorsport environment.
Lightweight compact battery powered car unit with a 12 volt upgrade option makes this system suitable for all race car applications, from single seat Formula cars though to Saloon and GT cars.
NX6200 System
We can now offer a full high power 12 volt car radio version of this system, This option will help increase operational range. 

Both  systems are available on VHF or UHF channels , 

all packages are supplied with all you will need for 1 x Pit crew, 1 x Car system and 1 x Driver(driver kit optional). This can new be expanded to suit your team as it grows.
All the key components are top grade and are similar to those used in our higher tier systems, making this system suitable for many race car applications. 


2 Button PIT CAR option on engineer headset. (easy selection of pit or car calls)

Elevated antenna on Headset. (increased range between pit and car)

Range Extending repeater option. 

Additional Pit crew sets with headset or earpiece.

Range of this system is dependent on the type of car it is installed in and the terrain at the particular circuit. Generally, Digital radio gives improved range over the comparable analogue system by as much as 25% in a race car environment. Range will still vary depending on the type of car and to guarantee full track coverage you should consider the range extending options offered.


This system is designed to work without helmet systems. It is possible to use alternative compatible microphones and earpieces but, we cannot guarantee performance with alternative products. For advice on using alternative parts please contact our sales office.


Race 600D and NX6200

1 x  Car radio unit (battery only, 12 volt lightweight or 12 volt High power)
1 x 
AV shock mount system for car radio
1 x Car wiring loom With DSP3 Noise cancelling (integrated in 12 volt high power unit)
1 x Steering wheel talk switch with connector
1 x Car antenna and loom
1 x Drivers helmet kit (optional)
1 x Foam in ear drivers ear pieces (optional)
1 x Professional pit headset
1 x Pit radio
2 x Chargers

Operating Frequency: 138-174 MHz or 400-470 MHz 
Power Output: up to 5 Watts car & pit with 25 watt option for car radio
Car unit weight: 260 grams battery powered unit, 980 grams 12 volt high power unit
Power supply: 2230mA Li Ion Batteries or 12 volt
Licence: Dependent on country of supply
Battery Life: 16 hrs average 90/5/5

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Race 600D / NX6200DSP Complete Digital Race Car System

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