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NEW DESIGN                                                              

High noise cancelling performance

Moulded Nexus Plug

Detachable Microphone boom for easy installation

New reversible side pod with RCA phono and 3.5mm mono earpiece connector as standard to fit most race earpieces

Small boom Microphone suits all kinds of closed and open face helmets with minimal intrusion into helmet lining

New reversible side pod with RCA phono socket and 3.5mm mono jack socket for easy installation and earpiece connection

Compatible with Autotel 5 way systems and MRTC systems

NEW now with the following options

RR160E New DSP3 microphone for AUTOTEL DSP3 VERSION NOISE CANCELLING AND ABOVE***  radio's perfect for very high noise applications. Now with out new pre formable stiffer microphone boom to prevent the boom being moved accidentally.

RR162 With Gentex high noise microphone, very high noise microphone backwardly compatible with all existing systems.

High Performance Boom helmet kit designed primarily for use in our Digital systems but can also be used in analogue systems to give great results.  For full face or open face helmets with moulded 5 way Nexus connector (RED RING on plug and socket). Suitable for most race car applications, this microphone is very efficient and relatively simple to install into most full face and open face helmets using the supplied fitting instructions. However, should you want our trained engineers to fit it the price includes installation if the helmet is returned to us.

*** DSP3 Microphone upgrade only works with Autotel DSP3 noise cancelling systems and and later. fitted to systems supplied August 2018 onward.

       when plugged into an earlier system they will not work without upgrading the loom/radio system. Please contact our Tech support for advice on upgrades.

The boom system is ideal to avoid wind noise problems associated with open cars.

The microphone should be installed inside the chin bar of an open faced helmet so the microphone is 6-10mm from the drivers mouth.


Helmet Kit Installation

Tutorial on how to fit a boom helmet kit into a helmet

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5 Way Boom Helmet Kit (for digital systems)

  • Brands Autotel
  • Product Code: RR160
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