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Complete Radio Telemetry System for single seater race car use.
Ideal for single seater applications where space is limited, usable worldwide with a full tuning range of MHz and up to 1 watt transmitter power.

 Ideal for endurance raci This system is optimised for race car use.
The system offers up to 1 watt output power for the car with AV mounting system for race car use.

The kit includes the following components:

Car Components
1 watt UHF telemetry transmitter with AV mount
Antenna and wiring loom
Power filter
Data input cable and power loom (bare ended)

Pit components
Data receiver single antenna working
12 volt dc power supply
Data output cable with 9 way serial connector
High gain base receiver antenna
20 metre low loss receiver cables with flexi tails for receiver unit
All equipment supplied is loaded with our software settings for optimum performance in race cars
The above system will transmit serial RS232 data at a rate of 19200 Kb/s which is ideal for most race telemetry applications.



Frequency range

403 473 MHz (70 Mhz tuning range)

Channel spacing

12.5/  20 / 25 kHz programmable

Communication mode



Carrier power

0.25W-1 W / 50 ohm



-116-110 dBm (BER < 10 E-3)

Adjacent channel selectivity

> 60 dB> 70 dB





RS-232 or RS-422. RS-485

Interface connector


Data speed of RS interface

300 - 38400 bps

Data speed of radio interface

19200 bps (25 kHz channel)
9600 bps (12,5 kHz channel)

Data formats

Asynchronous data


Operating voltage

+6 ... + 30 Vdc

Power consumption

1.2W typical (receive)
7W typical (transmit)
0.05 VA typical  (when DTR is "0")

Temperature range

-25°C ... +55°C

Antenna connector

TNC, 50 ohm, female


Aluminium enclosure

Size H * W * D including AV mount

96 * 56 * 22 mm


280g including heatsink

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1 Watt Telemetry system

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