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NX9003/2/10 Advanced DIGITAL RACE CAR RADIO SYSTEM Complete Team System


Complete Digital System for 2 x cars, 2 x race engineers, 1 dual radio manager set, 4 x Full pit crew with headsets and 2 pit crew with earpiece/microphone system

This complete package will fit out your race team with a turnkey digital solution. It includes 2 engineer double button pit sets, 1x manager pit set with dual radios and 4 crew sets plus 2 x Single seater saloon car radio system for your cars. It is supplied with bank charging and a custom made flight case making a neat and ready to use package. The range on a digital system using the elevated race engineer headset is adequate for many applications but, a repeater option can be added to ensure full track coverage on larger tracks.


Car System


The new Autotel NX9003 system offers advanced digital communications systems for single seater and formula cars. The Kenwood radio pack runs from its own battery or has the option to upgrade to a 12 volt system running from the car NX9003+. The special car radio pack is fitted with our adaptive DSP digital noise cancelling to give the best possible communications in all applications.


The system is complete and can actually offer better range than the equivalent analogue system in a race car situation. However, for some longer tracks we recommend the RR4000 digital repeater to ensure full track coverage. 

NX9003/2/10 Key Benefits

Car and Pit calls can be monitored without scanning... No more lost first words from slow scanning

Secure, digital conversations... No more eavesdropping

Clear, crisp, digital conversation... Consistent voice quality and volume

Inherent digital noise cancelling... Ideal for high noise applications

Analogue Mode and mixed Digital/Analogue mode... Existing analogue equipment can be integrated into the system. Suits any application regardless of car

Immunity to interference... Digital radio is far less likely to be affected by pit lane interference

Improved range... Narrow band digital radio gives a better usable range than analogue systems and is also more immune to high vehicle electrical interference that often reduces range

System Components

2 x NX501 digital car system including DSP4 noise cancelling and all car installation parts

2 x NX910ES Race engineer pit set with 2 button pit car facility and rapid charger (including elevated pit set antenna)

1 x Manager dual radio headset with 4 buttons on headset

4 x NX911 pit crew sets with race headsets

2 x NX901 Pit crew sets with ear pieces

9 x Crew belts

2 x 6 bank fast charger

1 x Custom made flight case


2 x NX4000S repeater with RR96 antenna and cable

NX9001+ 12 volt car supplies for car radios

Custom earpiece options

Pit-Lite option for crew wearing helmets



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